WIPO (Walton International Property Outing)

Biggart & Co. recently celebrated its third anniversary and hosted the second WIPO, which involves teams of three property/angling enthusiasts (notice it’s not experts!) enjoying a get together dinner the night before, followed by a day’s fishing at Loch Walton, up in the hills above Fintry. We had super day, although truthfully not a huge amount of trout were actually caught!. I’m pleased to say that Scotland just pipped Ireland to win the trophy (generously presented by last year’s winner Dan Gazzard from England). It goes without saying that Scotland will [...]

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Home Bargains – as you rarely see them!

Home Bargains are growing their store network through a variety of types of property acquisitions. These photos show two of the ways that by being flexible and pro-active, Home Bargains manage to  acquire sites that allow them to expand into the very best locations. The photo below is a new build store currently under construction in Stirling and the photo at the top of this post shows a unit that was part of an investment purchase in Londonderry. Home Bargains are stripping the unit to its bare bones and rebuilding a flagship store.

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The Emma Cameron Foundation and Warren James

Discussions over a pint and curry after a recent store finding trip somehow hit upon the topic of how businesses such as Warren James and Biggart & Co. like to support local charities. One that is very close to our hearts is the Emma Cameron Foundation. This was set up by Emma’s dad, Alan, following the death of Emma from cancer, with the aim of providing help and support for children with cancer and their families. The Emma Cameron Foundation has been established to provide support for those organisations and [...]

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