We know that celebrating success in the west of Scotland, where we live, is usually done through gritted teeth! However, we want to break with that tradition and celebrate the amazing success of the brand-for-less lead retailer, HOME BARGAINS. In this current retail market of ‘fight’, ‘flight’ and insolvency, HOME BARGAINS are strongly powering against the prevailing tide; they are continuing to expand and trade beyond expectations. This is great news for all of us - landlords, owners, retail and development agents alike - because they have the resources and desire [...]

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Non-Fishing News

With most lochs still more suitable for curling than fly fishing, it may be some time before I can update you all on my fishing exploits. I am hoping for many! Fortunately, I shoot during the closed season and enjoy the outdoors keeping moving to keep warm!    I don't think photos of dead pheasants, partridge, geese and duck would go down that well so instead please let me introduce Elsa, one of our two lovely Labradors.  She now has to do most of the retrieving as her mum is [...]

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WIPO – ‘All Square’

The annual 'Walton International Property Outing' took place on a very wet and dreich day in August. Unfortunately the Irish were unable to take part this year (grouse shooting!) so it was left to the Scots and English to fight it out. Unlike last year, I’m glad to say that everyone caught fish and despite Gary Robinson cheekily wanting the trophy awarded to the team catching the one and only brown trout (pictured) a draw was called at 6 fish per team... the Scots catching their fish with the very [...]

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Warren James

The UK’s largest independent jeweller opened a further two stores in the Glasgow catchment, taking its Scottish number up to 27. In addition to the good news that this brings to both these shopping centres, the Emma Cameron Foundation benefited from a donation of £1,000 per shop, thanks to the generosity of a great client!

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September Update from Biggart & Co.!

It has been a fairly wet summer in beautiful Scotland! With a few days away to sunnier climes we still managed some deals in between everyone’s holidays. Doing business at this time of year seems to get increasingly challenging – are we all taking more holidays than before?! Our retail clients T.K. Maxx, Home Bargains and Warren James are still busy expanding their portfolios and have no sign of stopping. Retailers focused on 'brands for less' and those who know how to bring value to the high street are still [...]

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Home Bargains Expanding

Since the last update, Home Bargains have been quietly expanding their store network. Stirling and Londonderry are now open, with others due to open including Armagh, Aviemore, Craigmillar (Edinburgh), Fort William and St Rollox (Glasgow), with several others over the next few months. These will be a mixture of freehold and leasehold stores, ranging from 15,000 sq ft to 40,000+ sq ft. The photo above shows the new 22,500 sqft Home Bargains in Stirling in all its glory!

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Getting the Work and Life Balance Right!

Alastair manages his work and life balance very well all year round but especially in the Summer! - SJ Duncan receiving the spoon from last year’s victim, Scott Stevenson of TK Maxx Accessible Retail Golf Day Despite no practice and a rapidly increasing handicap, I took part in the Accessible Retail Golf Day at The Forest of Arden.  Safe to say that our team didn’t really threaten the silver wear, but we did have the pleasure/regret of watching Duncan McEwan of London and Scottish trying to eat his [...]

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