We know that celebrating success in the west of Scotland, where we live, is usually done through gritted teeth! However, we want to break with that tradition and celebrate the amazing success of the brand-for-less lead retailer, HOME BARGAINS.

In this current retail market of ‘fight’, ‘flight’ and insolvency, HOME BARGAINS are strongly powering against the prevailing tide; they are continuing to expand and trade beyond expectations. This is great news for all of us – landlords, owners, retail and development agents alike – because they have the resources and desire to continue to expand!

Their 2019 results showed 15% uplift in turnover to a very healthy £2.4billion and pre-tax profits rising to £233million. All achieved with NO debt. The directors of HOME BARGAINS are bullish and have announced continued expansion plans to grow the business from 500+ stores to 1,000.

HOME BARGAINS make decisions quickly and can turn around deals within a couple of weeks when there is the right space, offer and both parties want the deal done quickly!

I encourage you to consider the attached requirements list and get in touch with me quickly to be part of this expansion plan.

TJM Retail Requirements 2020 HR